Welcome to Boston Pizzazz

Boston Magician and Boston Clown all in ONE entertainer!! "BOSTON PIZZAZZ" Looking for the funniest show ever for your kids as well as ALL attending your party?? PIZZAZZ is a well rounded entertainment artist! Magician? or Clown? BOTH! PIZZAZZ is the performer that bridges the gap, with a quick wit and an improvisational nature that appeals to everyone and total adaptability to any audience or situation. Hire the kid's show specialist, with a tried and true professional performance, lots of experience and ready to make your event the best ever!! Whether it be a children's party, an elegant event, corporate function or holiday extravaganza; PIZZAZZ has the extraordinary talent to provide an exciting experience for all! Parties can be lots of fun, but also, can fall apart very quickly if you are not prepared. Making your children's party the best ever can be tricky, but entertaining the little ones is the best trick PIZZAZZ ever learned!! Well, of course, appearing a real Bunny and sparking white Dove are really great triks, tcoo!

Pizzazz has helped thousands of parents for more than 20 years plan the perfect party entertainment that everyone will love and appreciate. When you have PIZZAZZ entertain at your event, you can expect a CELEBRATION!

Your child's party comes round only once a year! If you want to make the party a huge hit this year, but are not sure quite where to turn, LOOK NO FURTHER. PIZZAZZ can make your Birthday party worries" disappear", and "magically" YOU "appear" the best party planner ever!


The Magic Show is entertainingly upbeat and excitingly interactive! Performed to zany calliope music, the show includes the appearance of a real bunny rabbit and bird. Mr. Snuggles and Mr. Fuzzles are of course tame and well behaved and the children enjoy petting them after the show! The show is both captivating and creative....A Splendid Time is guaranteed for All!


PIZZAZZ closes the show and "brings down the house", with a Looney Ballooney Skit that insures hysterical laughter and has the little ones "rolling on the floor" with delight! A Spectacular balloon creation is a gift for the Birthday Child or Special Guest, and all party goers receive an interactive ballooney toy called the "Jumping Bug". This fun little balloon keeps the kids entertained while Mom serves refreshments.


Years of experience is the "signature" of a great painter! The art of Face Painting by PIZZAZZ culminates in a distinctive and creative design, not just paint on a face. She has received numerous accolades attesting to the fabulous and whimsical creations captured within her "minds eye" and penned by her hand. She has attended many major face painting conventions during the years to hone her expertise and to provide greater scope to an already vast imagination! Face Painting by PIZZAZZ is an experience a child will long remember and cherish.