Looking for a great balloon artist, look no further!! Dogs, cats, silly hats, swords, snakes, and a monkey climbing a banana tree!! But at a birthday party, although balloons are great stuff, they can be very time consuming, and the kids are just waiting in line to get a balloon. Pizzazz incorporates some balloon silliness at the end of the magic show, then sculpts a very fun and exciting balloon creation for the birthday child, and then prefabbed "jumping bugs" are ready to send "airmail-special-delivery" to all the guests. Jumping bugs are actually interactive ballooney toys, to keep the kids busy, while MOM cuts and serves the cake.

Balloon sculpture for a birthday girl: Wearable rainbow butterfly wings made from 7 balloons, puppy on a heart, flower on a heart!! Balloon sculpture for a birthday boy: Hat and sword, monkey on a tree, or fishing pole with a fish!!

If you are a company, large or small, and are looking for balloons for a picnic or holiday event, or just lots of balloons for any event, please refer to "Corporate Events".