Notes From Pizzazz

I am NOT an agency. What you see on this website is all "ME" and my creative experience of more than 20 years! Every child's face you see on this site was painted by me personally, and every balloon sculpture is my own. I totally created the very interactive magic show thru years of experience working with kids and adults and I know what works to truly entertain "everyone" at your party or event!! The animals in my show are my pets as well as my cohorts in entertainment. Miss Snuggles, my show rabbit, is four and a half years old; and her predecessor lived to be 11 years old (absolutely ancient for a small dwarf rabbit). He worked until the age of 10 and then retired and Miss Snuggles took over. (No relation, just a "stage" name) Both the bunny and dove are well trained and well behaved, and enjoy being petted by all the kids. My doves were given to me by a magician who could no longer continue in the business for the reason of old age. He wanted to make sure that his birds continued to do what they were trained to do rather than sit in a cage. I am in this business because I truly do enjoy my work, and I truly do like kids, and like to see them having a great time!! If the kids are happy, then the party host is happy, and then I am happy, and continue to book more parties, because "everyone" is happy!! When you book with PIZZAZZ, "PIZZAZZ" is YOUR entertainer, and I personally guarantee a "GRAND TIME for ALL!!"