One year Old Birthday Parties

What a JOYOUS event, and you have chosen to celebrate BIG!! But with all those friends and family, cousins and children of all ages attending, WHAT will you do to keep them entertained???? PIZZAZZ is the answer! The best thing about the silly, goofy, funny, magic show IS that it entertains all ages!! All the grown ups will be having as great a time as the kids! After the appearance of the bunny and bird, the last trick performed by PIZZAZZ will totally capture the undivided attention of every last adult in the room with some good clean fun (the funniest trick yet) and totally geared to the ENTIRE AUDIENCE!!

Whether your One Year Old Party is at your home or in a hall, PIZZAZZ will "bring down the house" with her fun and witty entertainment! Please refer to "Party Packages" for more information.