Party Packges

Discover the "SIT BACK AND RELAX" kid's party package that you and your child will remember forever! PIZZAZZ provides fun for everyone; and for more than 20 years has dedicated her time and talents to making life easier for Mom's and Dad's planning a children's party or event. The best magic of all is keeping the kids so entertained that the parents can enjoy the show, too!

One hour package----Magic show and balloons----45 min. show appearing a real bunny and bird and 15 min. balloon silliness including a special balloon sculpture for the birthday child plus prefabbed small balloons for all the guests, "jumping bugs"!! Unlimited number of kids.

One and a half hour package-----Magic show, balloons, and face painting----45 min. show appearing a real bunny and bird, 15 min. balloon silliness (including a special balloon sculpture for the birthday child and prefabbed small balloons "jumping bugs" for all the guests) and 30 min. of fast and fabulous face painting. Maximum is twenty kids, unless we add some additional time at a minimal cost over and above the regular party price. (face painting is the most time consuming part of the entertainment, and although PIZZAZZ is incredibly fast and fabulous at the art, we do need to allow enough time to paint everyone)

One hour package for a small party (6 to 8 kids)--- Magic show, balloons, and face painting---30 min. show appearing a real bunny and bird, balloon silliness and a large balloon sculpture for the birthday child, and of course prefabbed "jumping bugs for all the guests! Then fast and fabulous face painting for all!! (I shorten the show, do the balloons ahead of time, and have fewer kids to paint), so you get all three in the one hour time.

"JUMPING BUGS" -------- are made with a regular twisting balloon, but only inflated a small amount, then shaped into a small bug shape with a long stretchy tail, and can actually be launched from a child's hand. This small and quickly shaped balloon is an interactive ballooney toy that keeps the kids entertained.

These are my usual packages, we can add larger balloons if you choose. I sometimes offer a balloon and face painting package, but only if you are having a large party with lots of other entertainment). Sounds like it would be fun, but too much wait time, and not enough entertainment time at a typical "home" birthday party. I have designed "these" packages so that you get the most entertainment packed into the time you purchase. Most birthday parties are in your home, (some in halls), but either way to have the best party ever, the kids need to be completely entertained!!!!

Please call for pricing, as prices fluctuate according to season. 617-230-0055 PIZZAZZ